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The only event in the nation bringing together track, football, and strength coaches. Check out our 120 published articles.

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2-day Sports Performance event. 

Football coaches typically go to football clinics.

S&C coaches typically go to S&C clinics.

Track coaches typically go to track clinics. 

At TFC, we pool our diverse resources and challenge each other.

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tfC-11, Chicago

December 6-7
Elmhurst College
speakers: *Vince Anderson*, Chris Korfist, Tony Holler, Mike Kennedy, Dan Fichter, Ryan Grubbs, Brian Kula, Chip Morton, Derek evely, Brad Dixon, Ken Jakalski, Dexalytics

TFC-Chicago Speakers & Bios

TFC-Chicago Schedule

January 25-26
Jesuit Dallas Prep
Speakers: *Dr. Peter Weyand*, Vince Anderson, Chris Korfist, Tony Holler, Doug Robinson, Don Woods, Dan Casey, Brian Kula, Matt van Dyke, Dr. Erik Korem, Keir Wenham-Flatt, Mike Clark, Steve Jones

note: This will Be an All-day Saturday & Sunday morning event

TFC-Dallas Speakers & Bios

TFC-Dallas Schedule

February 7-8
Festus High School
speakers: *Kurt Hester*, derek Leonard, Tony Holler, Chris Korfist, Brad Dixon, Alec Holler, Tyler Rathke, Dan Fichter, Brady Walz, Rowdy Harper, Daniel Flahie, Rob Assise.

TFC-STL Speakers & Bios

TFC-STL Schedule

Note: This Will be a Friday evening & all day Saturday event

Chris Korfist and Tony Holler are rebel talents in their life-long quest for speed. They've created a network of fellow "rebel talents" including Dan Fichter, Cal Dietz, JL Holdsworth, Alec Holler, and Steve Jones. Past speakers have included Stuart McMillan, Carl Lewis, Latif Thomas, John Garrish, Brian Fitzgerald, Jeff Moyer, Jamie Smith, Shawn Myszka, Cameron Josse, Keir Wenham-Flatt, Gabe Sanders, Dr. Ken Clark, Ron Grigg, Rob Assise, Dan Casey, Joel Smith, Jimmy Radcliffe, Erik Korem, Coley Candaele, Matt Gifford, Al Leslie, and many more. 

There's not a more unique coaching clinic anywhere in the world. 

Once you attend a TFC, you will become "one of us". TFC people are the most sharing coaches in the world. 

Chris Korfist

Tony Holler


"I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful event you and Chris put on this past weekend in Illinois. As a college strength coach, I haven't been to a better sports training conference in my career...and I can say that without a shadow of a doubt.

The openness to share ideas and one on one time especially with the activation presentations is a breathe of fresh air compared to every other S&C conference I've attended that just talks about power cleans and getting mentally tough."

Chris McCormick, MA, CSCS

Director of Athletic Performance Gardner-Webb University

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