Track Football Consortium V

2-Day Sports Performance Event. June 23 to 24th Lisle, IL
The most useful strength & conditioning clinic.

Be a part of the highest quality speed, strength, and power development discussions live.


  • All speakers are world class practitioners (hand-picked lineup)
  • Huge focus on the quality of learning from peers
  • The newest thoughts in the field, game changers you can implement immediately

What is the Football Track Consortium?


Attending clinics is fun. You learn a lot and you get to meet some great people and expand your network. However track coaches Tony Holler and Chris Korfist were tired of going to clinics with the idea that “if we learn one new thing, it would be worth the time and money spent.”

Like many other coaches, we wanted to walk away with many new ideas. And since most of our  friends were both football and track people, we put together a great conference by bringing in the best in both track and football to share their ideas about the newest thoughts in training speed, power and strength.

Over 2 days in June 2017, you will get a chance to listen and interact with the best in the industry.

We’ve brought together sports performance experts from around the world to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what’s moving the needle today.

Three Key Reasons to Attend

(or what makes the Track Football Consortium so special)

1. The best practitioners in the world teaching you their best stuff

This event will make your athletes faster. You can learn from the people who do the absolute best work in their field. All of our speakers are hand-picked. No fluff, no pitches – pure practical content. It’s less inspiration and more how-to. Model what the best are doing and make your athletes faster, stronger and more powerful.

2. Make Authentic Connections

Meet peers who are serious about this stuff. By spending 2 days together with everyone, away from distractions, you forge relationships that last.  By the end of the 2 days you will have made many lasting connections and new friends who will share their hard-won lessons with you and support you as you achieve the success that you know you’re meant to achieve.

3. Slash your learning curve with Interactive, action stepped masterclasses and panels

Most people spend years trying to “figure it out” — and settle for a fraction of the success they deserve. Why waste time experimenting when you can learn directly from people who’ve done what you want to do. The world-class coaches, trainers and scientists we’ve personally hand-picked will empower you by teaching you what really works with instant takeaways and actionable advice you can use immediately.… so you finally can make your athletes faster, stronger and more powerful — and take your program to the next level.


  • "I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful event you and Chris put on this past weekend in Illinois. As a college strength coach, I haven't been to a better sports training conference in my career...and I can say that without a shadow of a doubt. The openness to share ideas and one on one time especially with the activation presentations is a breathe of fresh air compared to every other S&C conference I've attended that just talks about power cleans and getting mentally tough."

    Chris McCormick, MA, CSCS
    Chris McCormick, MA, CSCS Director of Athletic Performance Gardner-Webb University

Here are the Experts You Will Be Learning From


Chris Korfist

Tony Holler

Dan Fichter

Alec Holler

Cameron Josse

Cal Dietz

Shawn Myszka

JL Holdsworth


This is a single track conference. You get to see everyone.

Dan Fichter:


Brain Based Warm Up For all sports


Light and brain training (With Dr Kerry Egan)

Cal Dietz:


Building aerobic qualities with non-traditional methods – the base for repeated sprint ability


Adaptive changes in tissue – the methods and theories

JL Holdsworth:


A new look at the Squat: the Sport Squat

Shawn Myszka:


Utilizing a Constraints-Led Approach to Acquiring Agility Skills


Training for the Differences Between Running on a Track and Moving on a Field

Chris Korfist:


Designing Speed Workouts: Factors that develop speed



Designing a year long program for the 2 sport (Football-Track athlete)

Tony Holler:


Dosage & Approach: An Algorithm for Gaining and Maintaining Speed



Feed the Cats: Attracting and Promoting Speed in Football and Track

Alec Holler:


The Synthesis of Sprint Training and Hurdle Training

Cameron Josse:


Creative Training Options to optimize Force velocity profiles



Maximum power sled sprinting for football

Event Info

Location. Schedule. Contacts

June 23-24 2017

Friday: 7:00 PM –
Saturday: 5:30 PM –

Chris Korfist

Tony Holler

Benedictine University – Goodwin Hall
5700 College Road
Lisle, IL 60532



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