Nine RPR/Activation Articles Written By Tony Holler

Reflexive Performance Reset

(RPR is the performance-based next generation of Douglas Heel’s “Be Activated”)


Why Use Reflexive Performance Reset

First article ever written about RPR

February 7, 2017



A Reflexive Performance Reset Success Story

(By Rob Assise)

February 9, 2017



Five Speed Enhancers: Alternatives to Performance Enhancing Drugs

Last article about Be Activated

July 2016


Talkin’ Douglas Heel


August 2015


Focus on the Result (Activation)

July 20th 2015


Don’t Implode, Explode (Be Activated)

February 24, 2015


3 Reasons Why Activation is a Game Changer

December 7, 2014


You Only Know What You Know

(First Seminar Attended)

October 22, 2014


Speed Never Sleeps

September 23, 2014


Hamstrings, Activation, and Speed

September 2014





Tony Holler has taught Chemistry and coached track for 36 years at three different high schools, Harrisburg (IL), Franklin (TN), and Plainfield North (IL). Inducted into the ITCCCA Hall of Fame in 2015, Holler’s teams have continued to feature great sprinters. Along with Chris Korfist, Holler co-directs the Track Football Consortium held twice a year (June and December). Holler has written over 100 articles promoting the sport of track and field and sharing everything he knows. His articles can be found at, and You can follow Coach Holler on Twitter @pntrack and email him at